Friday, August 7, 2009

How do I edit the config.xml file?

A. The persistent configuration for a domain of WebLogic Servers and clusters is stored in an

XML configuration file (config.xml). You can modify this file in the following ways:

􀁺 Use the Administration Console. See “Using the Administration Console” in the

Administration Console Online Help.

􀁺 If you want to create scripts that automate domain management, use the weblogic.Admin

utility. See “weblogic.Admin Command-Line Reference” in the WebLogic Server

Command Reference.

􀁺 If you want to create Java-based management applications, use the Java Management

Extensions (JMX) Application Programming Interface (API). See the Programming

WebLogic Management Services with JMX guide.

􀁺 If you want to edit the config.xml file directly (not recommended), see the BEA

WebLogic Server Configuration Reference.